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Four-weeks free trial
Overview (PDF)
4-Keys-Technology (PDF)
Terms & Conditions
Data Protection
Right of Cancellation
Informations about the European Privacy Seal

  OnDemand Enterprise
  HighSecure HighSecurePlus HighSecure HighSecurePlus
Functional scope        
Unlimited number of lockboxes
Unlimited number of users
In every lockbox
»    Upload of an unlimited number of files
»    Versioning of files
»    Uploading on unlimited number of pictures
»    Creating messages and Internet links (bookmarks)
»    Sending and receiving messages
»    Calendar (day, week, and month view)
      including export to Outlook
»    Hold-files
»    Reminder function for appointments and hold-files
»     E-mail notification for file upload, new messages,
      appointments, and hold-files
»    Upload control
Address management (clients, partners, and employees)
Secure connection with SSL encryption
4-Keys-Technology - -
Sending SMS from access PINs - -
Encrypted backup of all files
Encrypted backup of all data - -
Colours and logo in accordance with your corporate design - -
Login takes place on own login page and domain e.g. <your-name>
or tresor.<your-name>.de
- -
Prices (incl. 19% VAT.) Our server /
your server
Our server /
your server
Up to 10 lockbox owners incl. 5 GB* 39,00 € 59,00 € 89,00 € 109,00 €
11-25 lockbox owners incl. 10 GB* 79,00 € 109,00 € 139,00 € 169,00 €
26-50 lockbox owners incl. 30 GB* 139,00 € 179,00 € 209,00 € 249,00 €
51-100 lockbox owners incl. 75 GB* 229,00 € 279,00 € 309,00 € 359,00 €
> 101 lockbox owners - - Upon request Upon request
Additional GB storage 1,00 € 1,00 € 1,00 € /
1,00 € /
Own dedicated managed server - - ab 159,00 € /
ab 159,00 € /
One-time set-up fee - - 498,00 € /
Upon request
498,00 € /
Upon request
Minimum contract period 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
* in case we provide the server

Further details on the offer and procedure

What other services are included in the offer?
In addition, the offer includes software updates, the upload of the same, and technical support. Where our server is used, this also includes the provision of hardware, basic systems (operating system, firewall, anti-intrusion systems), bandwidth, as well as the system administration.

How does the first access to goTRESOR take place for you as a company?
After having filled in and sent the subscription form here on the web page, you will soon receive an e-mail by the system, including a link that leads you to the registration. After the registration has been effected, you will receive – similar to the vault of a bank – a “vault” where an unlimited number of invisible online lockboxes can be created.

How are the users authorised for goTRESOR?
In goTRESOR, you can create persons (customers, partners, or employees of your company) as contacts. After having created a lockbox, you can select in the same lockbox these persons from the list of contacts whom you want to grant access to the lockbox. goTRESOR then sends automatically an e-mail with a link to each of these persons. This link then leads directly to the registration as user. Upon completion of the registration, the users are directed immediately to the lockbox for which they have been granted access. In case of an additional access authorisation granted for another lockbox, a registered user does not need to register again.

Who is the owner of a lockbox?
The owner of the lockbox is the user who is allowed to create the lockboxes. In goTRESOR, this can only be the employees of the company for which a registration in goTRESOR exists. Every lockbox owner may create an unlimited number of lockboxes.

If you have any queries, please call (089) 370027-11 or write too